03 March 2011

19 accused people will be tried

Prosecutor-General Ana Pessoa Pinto
Radio Timor-Leste, February 19, 2011 language source: Tetun - Prosecutor General Anna Pessoa Pinto said the 19 accused people recommended by the international commission of inquiry into the 2006 outbreak of violence are going to be tried.

Pinto said the legal process for these cases case has taken a long time, at least four years, because the accused and witnesses had not collaborated with the investigation process.

"Some witnesses and accused people are afraid and their residence is not permanent as they used to move from one place to another place," Pinto said.

Pinto added that another difficulyt being faced is the lack of qualified lawyers and that had hampered the processing of this case, adding that the law for protecting witnesses had not been implemented yet and that makes witnesses afraid of giving their testimony.
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