22 September 2017

Are we the bad guys? Australia’s ruthless past with East Timor

Source: Crikey In her new book Crossing the Line Kim McGrath exposes Australia's brutal opportunism towards East Timor, and the atrocities we were willing to condone to serve our national interest. 

Read more here: https://www.crikey.com.au/2017/08/30/crossing-the-line-east-timor/

19 September 2017

Coat of arms of East Timor

The Democratic Republic of East Timor - This state coat of arms was introduced on 18 January 2007 under the Law 02/2007. It is based on a design first used when the country unilaterally declared independence on 28 November 1975.
The motto in Portuguese is "Unidade, Acção, Progresso" ("Unity, Action, Progress"). 
On the centre of the coat of arms, there a curved pyramid with red edges and black core, symbolise Mount Ramelau, the highest peak in Timor Leste. 
On the black field in the centre there is a five-pointed star with five rays of light. 
Under it there is an open red book rest upon a yellow industrial gear. 
On the left side there is a rice ear (hare fulin) and on the right side there is a corn ear (batar fulin). 
Under the industrial gear there is an AK-47 assault rifle, bow and arrows (rama inan). 
Under the Mount Ramelau there is a ribbon banner written in Portuguese: "Unidade, Acção, Progresso" ("Union, Action, Progress"). 
Around the emblem there is a circle band written with the official name of the state in Portuguese: "República Democrática de Timor-Leste" (Democratic Republic of East Timor), and the acronym is written under "RDTL". Read more to understand the other images

JSMP: Sumáriu Kazu Tribunál Distritál Suai Periódu Jullu 2017

Judicial System Monitoring Programme Programa Monitorizasaun Sistema Judisiáriu

Sumáriu Kazu Tribunál Distritál Suai Periódu Jullu  2017

A. Sumáriu prosesu julgamentu kazu iha Tribunál Distritál Suai

1. Totál kazu ne’ebé JSMP monitoriza: 21

2. Totál desizaun ne’ebé JSMP monitoriza: 19

3. Totál kazu sira ne’ebé adia tuir JSMP nia monitorizasaun: 2

B. Deskripsaun sumáriu ba desizaun kazu sira

1.       Krime ofensa ba integridade fízika simples

Nú. Prosesu                           : 0021/16.CVMCT
Kompozisaun Tribunál       : Singulár
Juis                                         : Dr. Constáncio Barros Basmery
Prokuradór                            : Dr. Napoleão Soares da Silva
Defeza                                    : Dr. Francisco Caetano Martins
Tipu pena                              : Omologa dezisténsia keixa

Iha 05 Jullu 2017, Tribunál Distritál Suai prezide julgamentu tentativa konsiliasaun ba krime ofensa ba integridade fízika simples ne’ebé  envolve arguidu DC, TG no QA hasoru lezadu MSP, iha Distritu Covalima.

Akuzasaun hosi Prokuradór

Prokuradór akuza katak iha  02  Jullu 2016, arguidu QA tuku dala 1 iha lezadu nia hasan parte karuk, arguidu DC tuku dala 1 iha lezadu ninia ibun, no arguidu TG tuku dala 1 iha lezadu nia  reen-toos. Agresaun ne’e rezulta lezadu sofre moras, bubu iha lezadu nia-hasan, ibun-kulit no reen-toos. Kazu ne’e akontese wanhira lezadu fila hosi Rogerio nia-uma no to’o iha ponte leten lezadu hasoru malu ho arguidu sira, arguidu sira hakilar katak “kalan boot ona la’o buka saida, hafuhu ami ka hafuhu ami nia feen?”

Prokuradór akuza arguidu sira kontra artigu 145 Kódigu Penál kona-ba ofensa ba integridade fízika simples ho moldura penal too tinan 3 ka multa.  

Produsaun ba prova

FRETILIN and PD form government coalition in East Timor

Members of the Seventh Government meet to prepare the start of the mandate
Presidency of the Council of Ministers
Sixth Constitutional Government

Dili, September 19, 2017

Press Release

Members of the Seventh Government meet to prepare the start of the mandate

The Seventh Constitutional Government met this Tuesday, September 19, at the Lahane Noble Palace in Dili after taking office last Friday. In this first meeting of the Executive, the members of Government discussed the fundamental issues for the start of the mandate, namely the Government Program and the State Budget.

Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri assured that the formation of Government is expected to be completed soon.

The eleven Government members present at the meeting discussed the priorities of the Government Program. The Prime Minister also assured that it will be drafted taking into account three components: the commitments of the parties forming the coalition - Fretilin and PD -, on-going activities and the Strategic Development Plan.

Steps were also defined to prepare the General State Rectification Budget, coordinated by the Ministry of Planning and Finance, which will be completed shortly after the Government formation is finalized.

The various members of the Government also presented a summary on the information collected in these first days of governance, where the transfer of portfolios to the current ministers is on-going.

The Minister of State and Counsellor for National Security, José Ramos-Horta, did not attend the meeting because of his visit to United States representing the President of the Republic at the United Nations. ENDS Source: Government of East Timor

17 September 2017

Final Composition of East Timor National Parliament 2017

The East Timor final composition following the legislative elections earlier this year has been settled.

The National Parliament (the IV Legislature) is comprised of 65 Deputies with the following numbers of seats:

(a) 23 Deputies from the FRETILIN (The Revolutionary Front for an Independent East Timor)

(b) 22 Deputies from CNRT (Council of Timorese Reconstruction)

(c) 8 Deputies do PLP Partidu Libertação Popular

(d) 7 Deputies from PD (The Democratic Party)

(e) 5 Deputies from the KHUNTO Kmanek Haburas Unidade Nasional Timor Oan

16 September 2017

National Parliament elects the members of the Council of Administration


The National Parliament, in a Plenary Ordinary Session, on September 12, 2017, unanimously elected the members of the Board of Directors, with 59 votes in favor, 0 against and 0 abstentions.

The members of the Board of Directors elected are: Aurelio Freitas Ribeiro (FRETILIN, effective), Noémia Sequeira (FRETILIN, alternate), Manuel Tomás de Carvalho (PD, effective), Ernesto Fernandes «Dudu» (PD , Deputy Armanda Berta dos Santos (KHUNTO), José Agostinho (KHUNTO, alternate), Brígida Antónia Correia (CNRT, effective), Mr Patrocínio Fernandes dos Reis (CNRT, deputizing for Deputy Merícico Juvenal dos Reis (PLP, effective) and Signi Candrawati Verdial (PLP, alternate).

On the same day, the National Parliament also approved Draft Resolution No. 3 / IV- Anticipation of the normal period of operation of the 1st Legislative Session of the Fourth Legislature, and also gave assent to the President's move abroad.

This Plenary Session was chaired by the President of the National Parliament, Aniceto Longuinhos Guterres Lopes, accompanied by Vice Presidents Júlio Sarmento da Costa "Meta Malik" and António Verdial de Sousa, by the Secretary of the Board, Lídia Norberto dos Santos Martins and the Vice Secretaries , Elvina Sousa Carvalho and Angelica da Costa.

Does the gay marriage vote in Australia mean anything for East Timor?

ETLJB 16092017 AUSTRALIAN MARRIAGE EQUALISATION VOTE & INFLUENCE ON EAST TIMOR It is expected that the Australian people will vote to express their view on whether the national Parliament should amend the definition of marriage in the federal Marriage Act 1961 so that it does not preclude people of the same gender from lawfully marrying. This follows a wave of enlightenment in western democracies and, critically, the United States Supreme Court's declaration that discriminatory marriage laws are unconstitutional.

Similar plebiscites were held in other foreign jurisdictions of most note, Ireland, where there is no clear separation of church and state.

What, if anything, does this mean for East Timor? The Catholic Church is a powerful institution in East Timor, having been in close solidarity with the people during the genocide and the resistance. Its power extends to influencing public policy and laws, even the Constitution itself when it objected to the inclusion of sexual orientation in the anti-discrimination provisions of the constitution. It's stance on gay marriage is clear but so is the intention of the East Timorese gay community as demonstrated in the recent pride event in Dili.

Being geographically close and having common strategic interests - peace in the south east Asian peninsula - Australian and East Timor will continue to interact at both political and personal levels.

One question is, will the East Timorese government recognise marriages between persons of the same sex under Australian law? This will be a tricky question for the East Timorese policy makers and law enforcement administration.

A second question is will the East Timorese truly comply with international law-making instruments against discriminatory laws referenced to gender or sexual orientation? The whole nation suffered so horribly during the occupation from human rights abuses. Have the lessons been learned or will supernatural bigotry hold the day and marginalise gay citizens?

Thirdly, how will the East Timorese community react to Australian gay married couples who are living in East Timor? There is a significant gay community in East Timor but there is still much social aggression towards gay men and women.

The desire of the young generation to join the modern community of nations is great. Their continuing struggle for economic justice and prosperity motivates their activism and agitation towards unjust government policies including far too much corruption in the state administration. Even the Justice Minister Lucia Lobato was sent to prison for 5 years for abuse of state power.

The democratic social transformations that are happening in relation to same sex marriage are remarkable and lay a challenge to those polities that still practice constitutional and legal discrimination based on sexual orientation.

The gay community in Australia should try to support our brothers and sisters in East Timor at least by recognising their struggle and standing in solidarity with them.

See also Komunitas LGBT gelar aksi langka di Timor Leste

ETLJB has long agitated for abolition of legal and social discrimination against citizens in Timor-Leste based on their sexual orientation. Several articles can be found by using our search tool top right.

15 September 2017

Mari Alkatiri gets second shot as East Timor’s prime minister 11 years after first stint

East Timor President Francisco Guterres announced Thursday that Mari Alkatiri, the only candidate nominated for the premiership, is the country’s new prime minister, with a new cabinet line-up to be revealed the following day.

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