24 February 2013

Google+, Share and Comment on ETLJB

ETLJB 24 February 2013 Dear ETLJB Readers - ETLJB now has a Google+ button not only on each post but also for the blog itself. The Google+ button may be located at the foot of each post and at the top of the right side bar.

If you find ETLJB to be informative, interesting and a reliable and constant source of East Timor legal news, and you have a Google account, we ask that you please consider Google+'ing either individual posts and/or the blog itself.

Facebook Like
Also, if you have a facebook account and like any of our posts, please also click on the facebook icon at the foot of each post to show your like.

Twitter, Stumble Upon, Blogger or Email share
You may also share our posts through Twitter, Stumble Upon, Blogger or by email (for email shares, please use the Share icon. All of the icons for these share functions are at the foot of each post.

We also invite you to leave comments on our posts so please do not hesitate to leave your comment on any post. To leave a comment, please click on the "No Comments" link at the very end of each post underneath the share icons. A box will pop up where you can leave your comment. You may also leave a link to your site in the comment. (Please do not leave spam comments as they will not be published but keep your comment pertinent to the post content and your site link relevant to the issue or to East Timor).


Editor, ETLJB

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