06 August 2013

Extraordinary Meeting of the Timor-Leste Council of Ministers on August 2, 2013

ETLJB 6 August 2013 - The V Constitutional Government met extraordinarily on Friday, August 2, 2013 in the Council of Ministers Meeting Room at the Government Palace in Díli and approved the following:

1. Public-Private Partnerships – Tibar Bay Port

The Minister of Finance and the Minister of Transport and Telecommunications along with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), presented to the Council of Ministers some of the structures for Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), including requirements related to infrastructure and technical recommendations concerning the Tibar Bay Port.

The presentation to the Council of Ministers set out some examples of Public-Private Partnerships and a perspective of the investment and revenue scenarios to the Government. Particular to the case of the Tibar Bay Port’s infrastructure, the study was designed with the perspective of future growth and technical recommendations about the legal, environmental and social questions and on the tender process.

The Council of Ministers approved the Public-Private Partnership model for this project through concessions as well as further work, which according to the proposed business plan, provides that the construction of the Tibar Bay Port will start in 2015. Source: Preisidency of the Council V Constitutional Government Press Release 2 August 2013 Edited by Warren L. Wright

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