19 January 2014

Happy New Year 2014 to ETLJB Readers

ETLJB 19/01/2014 - We would like to wish our readers and subscribers a belated Happy New Year 2014 and trust that those of you who celebrate Christmas were able to mark the birth of Jesus Christ in peace and that you all enjoyed time with your loved ones over the festive season when many of us are on holidays.

We hope that you are all safe and sound as yet another year begins its speedy passing and that 2014 will be harmonious, full of the achievement of your personal  goals and that we all treat each other more kindly and with mutual respect and dignity.

ETLJB will continue on our mission to monitor, compile and publish news and reports on law and justice issues in Timor-Leste, to draw attention to injustices and violations of human rights and to raise awareness of the central  democratic principles of the rule of law, the separation of powers and the independence of the judiciary and the transparency and accountability of the State and the Government to the People.

We invite comments and feedback from our readers via the comments section in each post or the Contact Us link in the Navigation Menu as well as any articles that you may write and wish to have published here.

Warren L. Wright BA LLB

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