31 December 2014

Public Order Battalion (BOP) and Task Force police members clash in Dili (June 2014)

ETLJB 31/12/2014 - A violent incident involving the PNTL occurred on 27 June 2014, at Rosario Aldeia, Comoro village, Dom Aleixo Sub-district in Dili. Prior to the incident, on 24 June, a policeman with the Public Order Battalion (BOP) post stationed near the airport attempted to warn a male taxi driver for not obeying a stop traffic sign. He told the driver to stop but the driver ignored him and fled the scene.

On 27 June 2014, the same male taxi driver again did not obey the same stop-sign near the BOP post. He was then physically assaulted by the BOP policeman who had previously warned him. Following the incident, the taxi driver phoned his boss, a member of the PNTL Task Force unit, who came to the BOP post and slapped the BOP policeman. The BOP policeman who had been slapped then contacted the BOP Headquarters, and along with a group of BOP policemen went to the Comoro PNTL Squadron and assaulted the Task Force policeman who had slapped him. The Task Force policeman’s arm was injured in the incident.

Both BOP and Task Force Commanders responded to the incident, placing all those involved under disciplinary investigation. The investigation is continuing and, according to due process, has been sent to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for action. Source: http://belun.tl/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/SituationReview_June2014_Eng_Final-1.pdf

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