27 November 2015

Meeting of the East Timor Council of Ministers 24 November 2015

ETLJB 27/11/2015 - Government of East Timor Press Release 24 November 2015 Dili - The Council of Ministers met this Tuesday, November 24th, 2015, in the meeting room of the Council of Ministers, at the Government Palace in Dili, and approved:

1. The Government Resolution on an investment project for limestone extraction and cement production in Baucau

The investment project of TL Cement, Lda. for the construction of a limestone extraction and cement production unit in the municipality of Baucau involves an investment, by the company, of about US$400 million and the creation of approximately one thousand permanent jobs. It will have a daily production capacity of approximately five thousand tonnes of cement clinker, allowing Timor-Leste to reduce its dependence on imported cement.

The project includes the construction of a jetty, quarries, an industrial complex and wind and solar energy parks, among other facilities. Studies conducted in 2014 point to the existence of large reserves of limestone in the region.

This diploma determines the creation of a technical team, composed of elements nominated by Government members of the relevant areas to the project. This working group will examine the model and the terms of the agreement for participation in the project and submit to the Council of Ministers a report with conclusions and recommendations.

2. Government Resolution that creates the Economic Coordination Structure
The Economic Coordination Structure’s mandate is to propose and implement measures and concrete actions to implement the Reform Guide and Economic Promotion of Timor-Leste 2015-2017, thus fulfilling the programme of the Sixth Constitutional Government in relation to stimulating and developing the private sector of the economy.

3. Decree-Law on the Legal Regime of Public Private Partnership for Tibar Port
This decree-law establishes the legal framework specifically applicable to the Tibar Port, assigning powers to Government to negotiate and sign the contract with the private partner, to develop the concept, financing, implementation, operation and management of the new deep water port.

4. Decree-Law on the Tobacco Control Regime
This diploma, previously examined at the meeting of the Council of Ministers of September 21st, 2015, defines the regime for the prevention and control of smoking in the country.

The tobacco consumption in Timor-Leste remains very high, with significant negative impact on citizens’ health. Approximately 70% of non-communicable diseases have as their main risk factor the consumption of tobacco.

This diploma is in compliance with the World Health Organisation Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, ratified in 2004 by the National Parliament.

5. Decree-Law on the extraordinary payment of one month's base salary to the public sector
The Sixth Constitutional Government maintains a policy of preservation, recovery and recognition of human resources linked to Public Administration, making, as in previous years, an additional payment, with character of exceptionality, one month of basic salary to employees of the State, listed in this diploma.

The Council of Ministers also examined:

1. Reform Guide and Economic Promotion of Timor-Leste 2015-2017
This project, examined at the meeting of the Council of Ministers on October 27th, 2015, was approved today by the Government taking into account the guidelines proposed in the previous meeting.

The Reform Guide and Economic Promotion of Timor-Leste 2015-2017, formerly named as Reform Programme and Economic Promotion of Timor-Leste 2015-2017, aims to ensure a more effective and efficient coordination of economic affairs, giving priority to stimulating the implementation of structuring economic measures for each of the priority areas identified in the Government Programme and in the Strategic Development Plan (SDP).

2. Timor-Leste’s Investment and Export Promotion Agency, P.I. - Tradeinvest
This project, presented by the Minister of State, Coordinator of Economic Affairs, aims to reform the Specialised Investment Agency - Tradeinvest, transforming it into the Investment and Export Promotion Agency - Tradeinvest Timor-Leste. The project foresees that the new agency will focus on the promotion, dissemination, coordination, streamlining and monitoring of investment opportunities in the country and of exports of goods and services produced in Timor-Leste, working as the privileged vehicle of the nation’s economic promotion.

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