29 January 2017

East Timor National Holidays 2017

National holidays in 2017
Presidency of the Council of Ministers
Sixth Constitutional Government
Dili, January 18th, 2017

Press Release
National holidays in 2017

The public holidays with a fixed date and variable date for 2017, determined by the Law n.10/2005 of 10th of August, are:

a) 1st of January – New Year’s Day (fixed date public holiday)

b) 3rd of March – Veterans Day (fixed date public holiday)

c) 14th of April – Holy Friday (variable date public holiday)

d) 1st of May – World Labour Day (fixed date public holiday)

e) 20th of May – Restoration of Independence Day (fixed date public holiday);

f) 15th of June – Corpus Christi (variable date public holiday);

g) 26th of June – Idul Fitri (variable date public holiday);

h) 30th of August – Popular Consultation Day (fixed date public holiday);

j) 1st of September – Idul Adha (variable date public holiday);

j) 1st of November – All Saints Day (fixed date public holiday);

k) 2nd of November – All Souls Day (fixed date public holiday);

l) 12th of November –National Youth Day (fixed date public holiday);

m) 28th of November – Proclamation of Independence Day (fixed date public holiday);

n) 7th of December – Memorial Day (fixed date public holiday);

o) 8th of December – Day of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception and Timor-Leste Patroness (fixed date public holiday);

p) 25th of December – Christmas Day (fixed date public holiday).

q) 31st of December – National Heroes Day (fixed date public holiday).

The Law n. 10/2005, of 10th of August, determines national public holidays, official commemorative dates and the granting of days-off, and has been amended by Law n. 3/2016, of 25th of May, to recognise key historical dates of the Timorese Struggle for National Liberation. ENDS


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