13 September 2018

Minister of Justice Manuel Cárceres da Costa

Structure of the VIII Constitutional Government Ministry of Justice is the government department responsible for the design, implementation, coordination and evaluation of the policy, defined and approved by the Council of Ministers, in the area of ​​justice, law and human rights and land and property, namely:

to propose the policy and draft the legislation and regulations necessary for its areas of responsibility;

to propose measures on the definition of mechanisms for regulating traditional justice and its interaction with the formal system, in coordination with the Ministry of Legislative Reform and Parliamentary Affairs;

to propose and implement measures to extend the judicial map in coordination with the Ministry of Legislative Reform and Parliamentary Affairs;

to propose the definition of criminal policy and ensure its implementation and the proper administration of justice;

to regulate and manage the Center for Legal and Judicial Training and promote the training of human resources for the different areas of activity in the justice sector;

to promote coordination and dialogue among all judicial actors, and ensure their participation in the discussion and preparation of proposals for legislation and regulations in the judicial sector;

to regulate and manage the prison system, the execution of sentences and social reintegration services;

to ensure adequate mechanisms for access to the law and to the courts, in particular for the most disadvantaged citizens, in the areas of legal information and legal advice and legal aid, in particular through the Public Defender and other justice bodies and structures;

to create and ensure adequate mechanisms to ensure the rights of citizenship and promote the dissemination of laws and regulations in force;

to organize the cartography and cadastral registry of land and buildings and the registration of real estate;

to ensure, as a means of promoting access to law by citizens and in liaison with the Minister for Legislative Reform and Parliamentary Affairs, a specialized legal translation service responsible for the use of official languages ​​in the areas of law and justice;

to manage and supervise the registration and notarized services system;

to manage the State's real estate assets;

to promote and guide the legal training of judicial careers and other public officials;

to ensure relations at international level in the field of justice policy, in particular with other governments and international organizations, without prejudice to the specific powers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation;

to establish mechanisms of collaboration and coordination with other government bodies with oversight over related areas.

Under the Ministry of Justice are: Center for Legal and Judicial Training; Criminal Investigation Police; Public Defender.

See also http://noticias.sapo.tl/tetum/info/artigo/1423034.html

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