25 July 2010

Fretilin and UNDERTIM to uncover pro-Indonesian clandestine group's intelligence in Timor-Leste

Diario Nacional July 15 2010 language source: Tetun - Fretilin and UNDERTIM parties will make efforts to uncover the intelligence activities of UNTAS [a pro-Indonesia organisation] as it aims at integrating the Timorese people with Indonesia.

MP Osorio Soares said that, as citizen,s all the Timorese should unite to defend the country’s stability from external threats.

Meanwhile MP Ernes Barros from the Social Democratic Party (PSD) said Timor-Leste should pay attention to the UNTAS’ documents because it could create instability in the country.

The UNTAS was established in Kupang in 2000 [West Timor] in Indonesia which aimed to continue fighting for Timorese integration into Indonesia.

Bakcground to UNTAS
"UNTAS – ‘Uni Timor Aswain’ (Aswain means Heroes), an organisation created in West Timor on 5 Feb. 2000, is the successor to the FPDK (‘Forum Persatuan, Demokrasi dan Keadilan’ – Unity, Democracy & Justice Forum), which was set up before the referendum to provide political cover for the militias. UNTAS maintains that the UN-organised referendum was fraudulent.

Its leading figures are: Domingos das Dores Soares, Basílio Dias Araújo and Filomeno de Jesus Hornay.

The two main [pro-autonomy] groups, the militias and their political wing (UNTAS), both operating from within Indonesia, oppose the presence of relief organisations so they can maintain control over the refugees, without whom they would lose their power. They send armed men into East Timor to incite a guerrilla struggle, and still receive political and military support in Indonesia." from http://members.pcug.org.au/~wildwood/linkswatch.htm#ETO

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