22 June 2011

Xanana: Notes Members of Government Involved in Corruption

Timor Post (Translation from Tetum) Thursday, 09 June 2011 Dili – Prime Minister Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao has asked the inspector general of the state to investigate some members of government for having committed acts of maladministration and irregularities.

“Humbly yours as Prime Minister, the president of the budget review committee, we know each other, we know each other with the ministers and know each other with you directors, sometimes knowing beforehand that the moenys will exceed the amount required, we authorise the execution of the works knowing there will be moneys left over, that later we go and get what is left over,” said the head of government, yesterday at the swearing in ceremony for the national director and head of department of the State Inspector General.

He asked the inspector general of the state to audit the work of all members of government and directors, for example the case involving a Commitment Payment Voucher made out for US$20,000.00, then amended to US$25,000.00, then after US$5,000.00 is pocketed, adding that there are some who denigrate the National Development Agency, but the agency is there to correct many things in the ministries.

“Our society, those of us who have the responsibility of serving the people, we have to acknowledge this, that this thing (corruption) exists,” PM Xanana declared.  “You (investigators) must not be afraid, go forward and do your work, do not be afraid that just because you earn two hundred and you investigate those who earn six hundred, no, do your duty and audit all ministries.”

Now the government has 60 investigators, 20 from the Timor-Leste National Police (PNTL) and 40 public servants who are being trained on investigative and auditing at the judicial training centre, so as to increase the capacity and experience, the Head of Government Xanana asked Ausaid to support their capacity building.

When these investigators are ready from the capacity building they have undergone, the state will distribute them to the relevant institutions like the Anti Corruption Commission and Inspector General of the State to strengthen the system and identify those with long arms.

“Our country has to go on the right track, so that our people can know that we really want to fix our nation,” the PM said.

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