30 May 2013

Conflict in Timor: Belun Situation Review March 2013

ETLJB 30 May 2013 - Conflict monitoring during March 2013 revealed a new area along the Indonesian border with growing tensions. Relations have deteriorated between the people of Atauro Island and the Indonesian town of Liran, across the water.

The collective known as CPD-RDTL, who occupied Government land in Manufahi District for a number of months, returned home but a number of issues remain to be dealt with. Incidents have been recorded as members return to their home towns, and the Government must make tactful decisions on how to appropriate the cultivated land left behind.

Police in Ermera have placed a suspected leader of ritualistic magic Group 5-1 under surveillance, as evidence collected so far is insufficient to charge him in connection with the group's activities. For further information and conflict trends, download the full report here: http://belun.tl/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/EWER-Sit-Rev-March-2013-English_SD-edits.pdf Source: Belun Edited by Warren L. Wright

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