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04 February 2014

Dagger used in robbery of foreign national in Dili

ETLJB 04/02/2014 - According to a report in media outlet Independente published on 31 January 2014, a foreign national sustained minor injuries following an armed robbery in capital of Dili near the Australian Embassy at around 8pm last Monday night.

A source that wished to remain anonymous said the victim was riding his motorbike when a man on another motorbike suddenly blocked the victim’s path and drew a large dagger from under his t-shirt. He then threatened the victim and the perpetrator lunged at the victim’s bag and grabbed his wallet and rode off in the direction of the sea.

The attack follows a similar incident in November last year when two foreigners sustained minor injuries during an attempted handbag robbery near Timor Plaza. The perpetrator in that case had also been on a motorbike and had blocked the path of the foreigners as they were walking.

Police informants believe foreigners have not been specifically targeted. The incidents comes as Timor-Leste’s national crime watch group Fundasaun Mahein reported a rare drop in crime levels during the typically tense festive season with two fatal incidents reported. Edited by Warren L. Wright

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