28 February 2014

Meeting of the East Timor Council of Ministers 25 February 2014

ETLJB - The Government met on Tuesday, February 25th, 2014, at the Council of Ministers meeting room, at the Government Palace, in Dili, and approved:

1. Decree-Law approving the organic structure of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation

This diploma reorganizes the organic structure of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MoFAC), giving it a greater responsiveness in the performance of the functions of its mandate. It is intended to enhance the role of the Ministry as a Government body responsible for the design, coordination and implementation of foreign policy as defined and approved by the Council of Ministers for the areas of diplomacy and international cooperation, as well as the promotion and defence of the interests of Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste (RDTL) and its citizens abroad.

Taking into consideration the objectives described in the Program of the V Constitutional Government in terms of external relations, the structures of MoFAC were adapted to ensure the strengthening of bilateral and multilateral relations, the developing of special relationships with neighbouring countries, development partners and friendly countries, the deepening of relations with other Portuguese-speaking countries and to reaffirm the role of RDTL at an international and regional level, especially through the admittance into the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

This restructuration aims to improve coordination, effectiveness and coherence in the activities of MNEC. The organic structure of the Ministry increases, namely through the establishment of the Diplomatic Institute and clarifies the assignments and the increase of skills of its services.

2. Decree-Law that approves the Identification, Registration and Movement of Animals

This decree law aims to control the movement of animals, preventing the illegal transit of cattle in the country, which is a problem for livestock health and public health. This monitoring will be done by the regularization of the marking, identification and registration of bovine, buffalo, equine, swine, ovine and caprine species in order to ensure the monitoring and control of sanitary conditions and regulation of transport and movement of these species. It provides for the creation of a computerized database for registration of existing holdings in the territory, and the identity and movement of animals. It is also created and regulated the markets for the trade of livestock animals.

3. Decree-Law that approves the restriction of the movement of animals in urban areas

By restricting the free movement of animals of various species, the Government intends to preserve the hygienic conditions in urban and suburban areas, the public health and the environment as well as prevent and minimize the damage caused by stray animals or animals with no containment process. This system of movement restrictions applies to several species, including: cattle, buffalo, swine, ovine, caprine, equine, canine, and poultry.

4. Decree-Law that approves the Licensing of Slaughterhouses

This decree law defines the conditions to be met in the installation, operation and licensing of establishments for the slaughter of bovine, buffalo, equine, swine, ovine and caprine species.

5. Decree-Law that approves the hygiene and sanitary conditions in the preparation, transportation and sale of meat and meat products

This legislation aims to correct certain practices for the sales and transportation of meat in unhygienic conditions. Among other measures, it is expected the imposition of mandatory transportation guide for fresh or refrigerated meats to guarantee the origin, authenticity and wholesomeness of the meat for consumption.

The Council of Ministers also analysed:

1. Supply of natural gas to power stations

The consortium C-Gas submitted to the Council of Ministers a proposal to supply natural gas to Timor-Leste, through the exploitation of reserves located in the Timor Sea. Source: GOET Press Release 25/02/2014 

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