01 November 2014

Creation Policy of the Science Police Criminal Investigation (SPCI) Partner and Threat for the Security Institution

ETLJB 01/11/2014 From Fundasaun Mahein - In the beginning of 2014, Timor-Leste has passed a decree law with the scientific character in the criminal investigation’s area. This decree law is about No. 15/2014 on 14 May, of the organic law of the science police criminal investigation. Therefore, SPCI is organized based on the hierarchy at the justice ministry’s shade, and supervise by the Public ministry. In this scope, the SPCI becomes the superior corps of the criminal investigation police that will enjoy the administrative autonomy, financial and heritage.

Why this creation policy of the institution consider as partner or threat? Because of the competencies that attributing to SPCI, in other side completes the services that still complicated thus far. As cited on this decree law that SPCI will only do the investigation for serious crime, organized or the complicated cases. Therefore, on the other side it becomes threat. The creation of SPCI will work double of the services that done by the criminal investigation department thus far such as the National police of Timor-Leste (PNTL), that should be based on the public ministry’s system based on the penal code order of Timor-Leste, so considering that the creation of SPCI is like the policy over position.

In other scope, the SPCI gets especial privilege and treatment, but work for the same issue. Regarding this there will be have another thought that many institutions will work for the same issue, will not motivate and compete  among others and will increase the state’s expense, including the investment for the criminal investigation will not concentrate and prejudice to their professionalism. Ironically, those graduates at the SPCI just getting the training within several months then immediately guardianship to the complexity or organized and serious crime cases.

Lastly, the SPCI will utilize weapon as well if the circumstance consider in a risk that is serious and in a big threat for public safety. FM really doubt with this circumstance, because of a long history about utilizing weapon in Timor-Leste that is concerned by the whole society. As an example misused by the security authority, make some innocent people become victims and about the final process have not finished yet at this day. So, the management and the controlling system over the weapon have not got well threaten yet. The national media reports and the community’s concerns that, some weapons of the security authority have used wrongly as well as the individual member that used for hunting.


1. Recommends to the National parliament, Committee A needs to make fiscal for those producing of laws and their implementation.

2. Recommends to the National Parliament and the government needs to create legislation of the criminal investigations, that should define for the mission, attribution and competencies that attributing to each institution, so it will define clearly the action terms based on each naturally and mission.

3.   Recommends to the National Parliament and government over the draft laws that have been produced needs to have a clear consultation with the all society entities of Timor-Leste, so it can be reflected to the reality or the nature of Timor-Leste. Source: http://www.fundasaunmahein.org/2014/09/25/politika-krisaun-polisia-sientifika-investigasaun-kriminal-psik-parseiru-no-ameasa-ba-instituisaun-siguransa/ 

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