06 November 2014

East Timor's Prime Minister requests Parliament not to waive immunity for MP's accused by the Public Prosecutor of violations of the law

Xanana Gusmao
ETLJB 06/11/2014 From Written by  Tempo Semanal 04 Novembru 2014 19:14 Breaking News Dili, Tempo Semanal – Two days before the National Parliament convened the closed door plenary session that resulted in the PN resolution numbers 11/2014 and 12/2014 on the 24th October 2014, the Prime Minister of the V Constitutional Government wrote a letter requesting the representatives of the people in Parliament to consider not waiving the immunity of members of his government who have been accused by the Public Ministry.

“Through this, with great respect, I ask your Excellency for the National Parliament to not waive the immunity of Government members until the end of their mandates pursuant to article 114 of the RDTL Constitution”, wrote Prime Minister Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao.

The Prime Minister of the V Government wrote to the President of the National Parliament, Vicente Guterres, who is also facing charges by the Public Ministry.

 The letter from the Prime Minister was received in the office of the President of Parliament on the 22th October 2014, at 17:30 TL time, and was sent to members of the Parliament’s chairmanship and heads of every political group represented in Parliament on the 4th of November 2014.

In his letter to the President of the National Parliament, the Head of Government gave various justifications for the National Parliament to not waive of immunity for the current members of his Government.

“Considering the urgent nature of matters currently being followed up by members of my government. Considering that some members of my government have been prosecuted with penal charges regarding, alleged yet to be proven, acts performed during their official. Considering that if the National Parliament waives immunity of members of my government (as per article 111 RDTL Constitution) it will disturb the correct functioning and activities of the government, thus severely jeopardizing the sustainability of the Government and the governance of the country. And, considering that national Interest can only be safeguarded with a governing stability and the execution of all matters currently being followed up by the members of my government”. This is how PM Xanana argued his request in the letter of 22/10/2014.

In ending, the Prime Minister respectfully hopes “… that this request deserves a positive response from Your Excellency, I sign with highest consideration”. Source: http://www.temposemanal.com/nasional/pm-xanana-asked-the-national-parliament-not-to-waive-the-immunity-of-members-of-the-v-government 

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