21 December 2018

Timorese diplomat chief reveals moment of political tension in the country

!WARNING MACHINE TRANSLATION! Original Portuguese Report December 18, 2018, 20:05 - The Timorese Foreign Minister has today revealed news of an alleged renewed tension between the Government, Parliament and President of the Republic, convinced that all the leaders of the country will be able to resolve the political situation.

"We are going through an exercise in unprecedented democratic occurrences and for us this is an exercise that every sovereign body is exercising," DionĂ­sio Babo told the LUSA agency.

"Even if there are differences, all sovereign bodies are aware that the country's interest is the first to put above all others. We will overcome the situation without any problem," he said.

Babo thus reacted to the renewed tension between parliament, government and the Presidency of the Republic, after the head of state, Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo, vetoed a set of controversial changes to the oil operations law that were to serve to finance the purchase of majority holdings in the Greater Sunrise wells off the Timor Sea.

The decision sparked criticism from Xanana Gusmao who, on behalf of the Government led the negotiations for operations and who heads the coalition of the Government, Alliance of Change for Progress (AMP).

In social networks, including official AMP Facebook pages, these criticisms have been repeated with some even defending the exoneration of the head of state.

The situation has been tense because since the inauguration of the 8th Government, Lu-Olo has not yet confirmed nine members of the executive appointed by the prime minister.

"I know that all leaders are aware that things are not as simple as we see on social networks or in media debates." I think everyone will look for ways to resolve all differences and problems, but there is nothing insurmountable or impossible to resolve, "Babo said.

The big question now is whether Lu-Olo is going to enact the State Budget for 2019, which is being debated in Parliament and is expected to be approved before Christmas.


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