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22 June 2019

Case Summary Baucau District Court March 2019

1. Total cases monitored by JSMP: 32

Article 145 of the Penal Code (PC) as well as

Articles 2, 3, 35(b) and 36 of the Law Against Domestic Violence Simple offences against physical integrity characterised as domestic violence

Article 2 on the concept of domestic violence,

Article 3 on family relationships,

Article 35 on different types of domestic violence and Article 36 on domestic violence as a public crime) 23

Article 154 of the PC Mistreatment of a spouse 4

Article 20 of Law No. 5/2017 on bladed weapons Bladed weapons 2

Article 146 of the PC Serious offences against physical integrity 1 Article 140 of the PC Manslaughter 1

Article 263 of the PC Arson 1

Total 32

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