26 November 2019

Crime continues to rise in Timor-Leste, with over 5,000 cases in 2018

https://www.rtp.pt/noticias/mundo/criminalidade-continua-a-aumentar-em-timor-leste-com-mais-de-cinco-mil-casos-em-2018_n1181983 por Lusa

Image result for crime east timorCrime increased in Timor-Leste in 2018, with a total of 5,151 criminal acts, 500 more than the previous year, with 43.2% occurring in the capital, according to annual data from the Directorate General for Statistics.

After Dili, where 2,223 cases were recorded, the municipality with the most incidents in 2018 was the Oecusse-Ambeno enclave, with 450 cases, or 8.7% of the total. Manufahi, with only 73 cases, was the region with the fewest incidents. , according to the report to which Lusa had access.

The crime rate also increased in 2018 from 381 to 435 per 100,000 inhabitants (338 in 2016 and 271 in 2015), with the highest in Dili (rising from 714 to 802) and the highest. low in Ainaro (124).

Of the total criminal offenses, physical integrity offenses accounted for the largest share of crimes (2,212) followed by threats (330), spousal abuse (321), and simple damages (292).

The authorities registered a total of 2,631 suspects, of which 472 in Dili, 438 in the Oecusse enclave and 305 in Liquica, with the largest share of suspects (958) being between 20 and 29 years, followed by 735 with between 30 and 39. years.

There were also eleven suspects under nine and 83 over 60.

The 2018 Criminal Statistics Report states that 162 "criminal events were reported to the investigative police", down from 222 investigated in 2016.

Of this case group, fraud was the most prevalent crime with 37 cases reported to the police and investigated criminally (one less than in 2016) with a significant drop in the number of homicides investigated, only two against 25 in 2016.

Authorities reported a total of 2,933 victims, the largest share (1,229) aged 20-29, followed by 574 aged 30-39. There were 57 victims under nine and 133 over 60.

Among other things, the report reports on court cases, proving the limitation of appeals in the four courts with thousands of pending cases, between criminal and civil courts.

In criminal terms, the country's largest court in Dili began 2018 with 2,285 pending cases, with 1,452 cases pending and 1,505 cases pending, 2,364 pending at the end of the year.

As regards civil cases, they were pending at the beginning of the year 794, 36 entered, only 10 were tried, so 2018 ended with 820 pending cases.

In Baucau, the country's second city, a total of 322 criminal cases were pending at the beginning of 2018, 456 pending and 585 prosecuted, with the year ending with 314 pending. There were 234 civil cases pending, 107 were filed and 89 were settled, and the year ended with 234 pending.

In Suai, 785 criminal cases were pending at the beginning of the year, 442 were filed and 325 were tried and 775 were pending. The number of pending civil cases was 228, 69 were filed and 42 were settled and 228 pending.

In the Oecusse Ambeno enclave the year began with 219 pending, 330 were added and 2346 resolved, pending 212 - at the criminal level - with 75 pending at the beginning of the year, plus 35 inmates, seven judged and 75 pending at the civil level. .

The Dili Court at the end of 2017 had 16 judges, Baucau and Suai with seven each and Oecusse with one.

At the end of 2017, Timor-Leste had 4-018 police officers, with the largest number in the Special Police Unit (715), followed by the Dili municipality command (467), and the general command (306).

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