20 May 2020

JSMP is concerned about the functioning of the National Parliament in early May 2020

Image of the East Timor Leste National Parliament Chambers in Dili.
JSMP Press Release 19 May 2020 - JSMP has observed that in early May 2020 the National Parliament has not functioned normally in relation to conducting plenary meetings on Mondays and Tuesdays and meetings of the Specialised Standing Committees in accordance with the Rules of Procedure of the National Parliament.

“JSMP believes that suspending plenary meetings of the National Parliament will have a negative effect on the productivity of the National Parliament and will have a direct effect on finalising those draft laws that are pending before the National Parliament, and the State has spent a lot of funds on advisors and technicians regarding the preparation of these draft laws.

In addition, this suspension violates the provisions of Article 50 of the Rules of Procedure of the National Parliament[1] on the suspension of plenary meetings where the suspension must not exceed 10 days,” said Ms. Ana Paula Marçal, Executive Director of JSMP.

The draft laws that are pending at the National Parliament are the Draft Law on Mining, the Anti-Corruption Law, Law on a Bar Association, Law on Local Power and Administrative Decentralisation and the Electoral Law for Municipal Assemblies. These laws were given priority in the program of the VIII Constitutional Government under the scope of legislative reform.

Therefore, JSMP recommends for the leaders of the Parliamentary Benches to give priority to scheduling these pending draft laws in upcoming plenary meetings to accelerate the process of discussion and approval.

JSMP also requests for the leaders of the benches to give priority to scheduling meetings of the Specialised Committees that have responsibility for discussing legislation that the Chair of the Parliament has allocated to them for discussion and the preparation of opinions, especially the Draft Law on Mining, the Draft Anti-Corruption Law that was sent to Committee A and Committee E to be submitted to the Chair of the National Parliament to be included in a plenary meeting for final approval.

For more information please contact:

Ana Paula Marçal
Executive Director of JSMP
Email: ana@jsmp.tl
Telephone: 77040735 | 3323883
Website: http://jsmp.tl/

[1] http://www.mj.gov.tl/jornal/public/docs/2016/serie_1/SERIE_I_NO_18.pdf WARNING PDF FILE OFFSITE

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