02 April 2011

TLGov: Council of Ministers meeting of 29 March 2011

Secretariat of State of the Council of Ministers Díli, Government Palce March 29, 2011


Council of Ministers meeting of March 29, 2011

This Tuesday, March 29, 2011, the Council of Ministers met at the Council of Ministers’ meeting room in the Government Palace, Dili, and approved:

1. Decree-Law Proposal about the Program for the Decentralized Development I and II The local development and the increase of the business entities in the districts are promoted through the procurement of construction works to local  companies, which will construct and  rehabilitate the  infrastructures with knowledge and responsibility.

The Program for the Decentralized Development I and II thus represents an essential measure for the strengthening of the economy in the districts and for the incentive to the appearance and development of local  companies, for  construction and rehabilitation of infra-structures in the districts. The acquired experience with the implementation of similar programs in previous years allows  for  a more efficient execution of this diploma.

The document includes rules regarding the Program for Decentralized Development I and II, defining the construction work  procurement procedure up to the value of one hundred and fifty thousand  American dollars and five hundred thousand American dollars, respectively, to local companies located in the subdistricts and districts.

2. Resolution about the appointment of the Director for the Large Projects Secretariat

The Council of Ministers has temporarily appointed Manuel Monteiro, National Director for Procurement from the Ministry of  Finance, and in a service commission regime, as  Director for the  Large Projects Secretariat. This Secretariat technically supports the Infrastructures Fund Council of Administration which is responsible for the approval and coordination of the programs and strategic projects  intended for infrastructure acquisition,  construction and development  which promote the country’s strategic growth.

The Infrastructure Fund is intended to finance these projects.

The Council of Ministers also analysed:

1. Presentation of the Website Globalfoods.net

The Globalfoods Networks Inc. presented to the Council of Minister the company’s project that supplies solutions through the internet for businesspersons in the food field. The project’s general objective is to increase the production quality of items in the Country, develop export and improve import.

2. Political Analysis and Processes for the Import and Disposal of Motor Vehicles in Timor-Leste The Government  is concern with the impact and application of policies and practices related with the import of  motorized vehicles.  Since it is its responsibility to promote the development and protect the consumers and the  environment, a request was made for a “Political Analysis and Processes for the Import and Disposal of Motorized Vehicles in Timor-Leste”.  The study was presented to the Council of Ministers and  has  the  objective  of changing the process to improve the commercialization and other factors related with motorized vehicles import.

3. Resolution that Approves the Establishment of the  Gender Working Group  Mechanism  at National and District Level

The Secretariat of State for the Promotion of Equality (SEPI) has been establishing and implementing a mechanism within each Ministry and Secretariat of State in the scope of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, to guarantee the integration of a gender perspective in the development of strategies, policies, programs and legislation within the government’s scope. This mechanism has been functioning for more than two years. SEPI intends to expand this gender integration mechanism, in order to strengthen and improve its efficiency, in the recognition that gender equality is a priority and a priority for the Timor-Leste Government and its People.

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