14 December 2012

New website to facilitate public access to justice in Timor-Leste

ETLJB 14 December 2012 - East Timor's Judical System Monitoring Program has launched a new website intended to facilitate public access to justice. The website was launched today, 14 December 2012 with the url www.jsmp.tl. In its press release announcing the launch, JSMP said that "the website  responds to  an increasing trend in Timor-Leste of  people engaging in communication through new information technology such as websites, Facebook, Twitter, Skype and SMS.

“JSMP hopes that this website will allow everybody to access information from JSMP and provide comments back to JSMP about its work”, said Luis de Oliveira Sampaio, Executive Director of JSMP.

“This is an unique website in Timor-Leste that provides up to date information about issues of justice, law and human rights in Tetum.”

This new website was created with support from Catalpa International and our donor, Justice Facility. It has both Tetum and English language components.

Visit the new JSMP website by clicking here.

Source: JSMP Press Release 14/12/2012. Edited by Warren L. Wright 

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