10 December 2012

The Lack of Proportion and Rationality of Megaprojects in Timor-Leste

ETLJB 10 December 2012 - This is an article published on Tempo Semanal on 4 december 2012 and written by Vicent Maubocy in which he questions the viability of mega projects planned by the Government from the analytical perspectives of proportion and rationality.

Synopsis: The objective of this article is to invite all Timorese, Members of Government, Members of Parliament, politicians and academics to share their opinions, thoughts and critical analyses and present their feedbacks regarding the multibillion dollar megaproject called Taci Mane.

Most ministers have the ambition of fathering large multimillion dollar projects, in part to promote their reputation, prestige, image and self-importance during and after their mandate. This kind of attitude is quite normal and legitimate.

The question I raise here is: will the Taci Mane project bring quick direct benefits to the people? Will the project be the solution to fight poverty and misery? Read the full article on Tempo Semanal.

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