20 August 2014

Fundasaun Mahein: FALINTIL Celebrates 39th Anniversary: FALINTIL is the Fish and People are Water

ETLJB 20/08/2014 From Fundasaun Mahein 20/08/2014 - In independence era, the FALINTIL force underwent the process of self-transformation to become the professional force known as the FALINTIL- Defense Force of Timor-Leste (F-FDTL). Automatically, the nation expected that the F-FDTL would become a professional force, embodied by intelligence, discipline, dignity, and loyalty to the people. This force would perform its duties with responsibility, ensuring external security and serving the people in a dignified manner. While the F-FDTL assumed a military capacity, it would also be regarded as “Civilian Force” whose work is tied closely to communities.

During its days in the forest, the FALINTIL acted according to the slogan “Falintil is the fish and People are Water”. This slogan tied FALINTIL and the communities together, to work and live for the communal purpose of “Liberta Patria”. With this approach, FALINTIL and the communities fought together and finally achieved independence, so this serve as a model for the young force of the F-FDTL, who should continue to embody this spirit.

The struggles of the F-FDTL in city are not the same struggles undergone by those FALINTIL forces in the forests. F-FDTL of today often work in an office setting and, thus, should obey the law and various rules, with an emphasis on professionalism, discipline, and respect for human rights.

As it celebrates its 39th anniversary, FALINTIL can be called an old institution, when compared its other state counterparts, but its work and its legacy have been passed down to the F-FDTL. Therefore, FM encourages every individual of the F-FDTL to maintain the discipline and professionalism shown by FALINTIL, who died for the liberty of this nation. These heroes' experiences live on an example for liberating people in this independence era. Congratulations FALINTIL – FDTL!
FALINTIL Moris ba Idade XXIX: FALINTIL maka Ikan no Povu maka Be

Iha era ukun an rasik, hafoin FALINTIL forsa gerilia transforma an ba forsa professional ne’ebé muda naran sai FALINTIL - Forsa Defeza Timor-Leste (F-FDTL). Otomatimakamente nasaun nia esperansa maka hakarak F-FDTL sai forsa ne’ebé profesional, matenek, disiplina, iha dignidade no hetan fiar husi povu. Forsa ne’ebé bele halao nia knar ho responsabilidade, garante siguransa eksterna inklui serbi povu ho diak no dignu. No mos iha hanoin atu bele sai forsa ida ke oin militar maibe hahalok sivil “Civilian Force” ne’ebé hakbesik liu no serbisu hamutuk ho komunidade.

Hanesan estillu ida ne’ebé FALINTIL hatudu kedas husi ailaran ho lema ida, “Falintil Maka Ikan No Povu Maka Be”. Ida ne’e kesi duni FALINTIL ho komunidade atu serbisu hamutuk hodi luta ba objetivu ida maka liberta patria. Aproximasaun ida ne’ebé FALINTIL halo hakbesik ba komunidade no hamutuk luta ne’ebé finalidade ba ukun an rasik. Tanba ne’e aproximasaun ida ne’e tenki kontinua, ida ne’ebé hatudu ona iha pasadu nu’udar exemplu ne’ebé forsa nurak ka tentara muda F-FDTL sira tenki kaer hodi banati tuir.

Ida ne’e nu’udar funu boot ne’ebé F-FDTL hasoru iha sidade laran la hanesan ho funu durante FALINTIL sira hasoru iha ailaran. Funu iha eskritoriu ne’ebé F-FDTL sira tenki hakruk ba lei no regulamentu oin-oin, ejize sira nia profesionalizmu, disiplina no respeitu ba direitus humanus.

Aniversariu FALINTIL ho idade tinan 39, ne’e nu’udar idade ida ke tuan liu entre instituisaun sira seluk estadu nian. Ejize para sai exemplu diak ba instituisaun ne’ebé nurak. Tanba ne’e FM nia hanoin kada individu F-FDTL kontinua disiplina an hodi banati tuir eroi nasional FALINTIL sira ne’ebé mate ba libertasaun patria. Nune’e eroi sira kontinua sai exemplu ba liberta povu iha era ukun an rasik nia laran.Parabens ba FALINTIL – FDTL! 

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