25 August 2014

Timor-Leste First Lady submits Declaration of Assets of the President of the Republic and family to Court of Appeal

ETLJB 25/08/2014 From the Office of the President of the Republic Dili 22 August 2014 - Her Excellency the First Lady, Mrs Isabel Ferreira, submitted on Thursday the declaration of assets of the President of the Republic and his family to the Court of Appeal.

“We have fewer financial resources than in the first year we submitted a declaration of assets to the Court of Appeal, because we are building our home with the savings we had and kept in the bank for the last 10 years,” the First Lady explained to the press after submitting the declaration of assets.

Since he took office as President of the Republic in 2012, this is the third declaration of assets that Mr Taur Matan Ruak submits to the Court of Appeal.

The declaration of assets is a commitment made by the Head of State to contribute to good governance and transparency.

The submission of the declaration of assets is governed by Law no. 7/2007 of 25 July on the statute of the holders of organs of sovereignty. Source: https://www.facebook.com/presidenciatl

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