06 August 2014

New Anti-Corruption Commissioners sworn in in Timor-Leste

ETLJB 06/08/2014 Dili – New Comissao Anti-Corrupcao Commissioner Aderito Antonio Pinto Tilman has sworn in Jose A. Neves and Manuel Bucar as his two deputy commissioners for CAC’s second mandate period.

Deputy Commissioners Neves and Bucar re-assume responsibility for the directorates of Education & Research, and Prevention, respectively. These are the same positions they held under former commissioner Adérito Soares during the 2010-2014 first mandate.

The swearing-in ceremony at Delta Nova was attended by Vice Presidents of the National Parliament Adriano do Nascimento and Aderito Hugo, former President of the Republic and Nobel Peace Prize laureate José Ramos-Horta, former Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri, Prosecutor-General Jose Ximenes, and members of the government, NGO, religious and media communities as well as CAC staff.

Commissioner Tilman, making his first public address since being elected to the role by the National Parliament, drew attention to the professionalism and dedication of Deputy Commissioners Neves and Bucar, and the fight ahead for the country.

“They have served Timor-Leste with honesty and integrity in their academic lives, their professional lives and in the fight for independence,” said the Commissioner.

“CAC has always said that government alone cannot fight corruption. It requires awareness of the common good, the common country and an eye to the public interests by all Timorese citizens.

“The development of our country must not be accompanied by the development of corruption.”

During the second mandate, CAC will focus on capacity building and fortifying public awareness to enhance the integrity and professionalism of the public service and community.

The 2014-18 prevention plan will also be prioritized and implemented, which aims to tackle the issues of procurement, political will, the decentralization of government power and the customs directorate.

CAC will also continue to build institutional capacity by increasing its technical specialization in the areas of investigations and prevention. We are committed to having a good working relationship with our colleagues across government – particularly the Prosecutor-General’s Office, the media, and NGOs.

CAC will support all people’s effort to fortify knowledge and offer any means to say no to corruption in the public service and people’s daily lives – at home and in the work place.

We continue to reaffirm that alone, we cannot rid Timor-Leste of corruption. The public service, NGOs, media and all citizens must utilize its collective power to combat corruption.

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