29 October 2015

Extraordinary meeting of the East Timor Council of Ministers 27 October 2015

ETLJB 29/10/2015 DILI, 27 October 2015 Government of East Timor Press Release - The Council of Ministers met extraordinarily on October 27th, 2015, in the meeting room, at the Government Palace in Díli, and approved:

1. The Government Decree on the Legal Regime of Fixed-term Employment Contracts in Public Administration - Article 27 of Law No.8/2004, of May 5th, which approves the Civil Service Statute, in the wording given by Law No.5/2009, of July 15th, defines fixed-term employment contract as the bilateral agreement by which a person not integrated in the staff ensures, with character of subordination, transitional service needs with a fixed duration.

With the goal of consolidating the Public Administration and ensuring a disciplined management
of its financial and human resources, the approval of the present diploma establishes rules and
standard procedures for recruitment, remuneration and management of contracts, as well as the
evaluation of the performance of all fixed-term workers by the Public Administration.

The legal regime approved shall come into force on January 1st, 2016, and does not overturn the
contracts currently in force, which can only be renewed through evaluation, and must comply with
the rules defined in the diploma.

From 2017, the payments relating to fixed-term contracts shall be made from the wages and
salaries budget category, which allows more precise information on the amount which the State
spends with its work force.

2. Decree-Law on Awards and Prizes in the Public Administration - The Council of Ministers approved the Law No.8/2004, of June 16th, amended by Law No.5/2009, of July 15th, which provides for the granting of awards and prizes to officials of the Public Administration.

The Government intends to highlight the officials and institutions that differentiate themselves by
their exemplary fulfilment of obligations, efficiency and professional dedication. It should further
dignify the officials who benefit from old-age and disability pension and those who died in the
course of their professional activity.

3. Decree-Law approving the Licensing, Operation and Control Process of Social, Entertainment, Traditional and Machine Gambling Activities
The regulations in this field intends to contribute to the reduction and punishment of clandestine
gambling, usually associated with illicit activities, which deserve the widespread rejection of the
Timorese society. Its approval ensures the rights and obligations of its patrons and the significant
improvement in the attendance of venues, which we want to see reflected in the best possible
conditions of safety and protection for the players.

The Council of Ministers also reviewed:

1. Timor-Leste’s Programme of Reform and Economic Promotion for 2015-2017
The Council of Ministers examined the first Programme of Reform and Economic Promotion of
Timor Leste for the period 2015-2017, presented by Minister of State, Coordinator of Economic
Affairs (MECAE in Portuguese), Estanislau da Silva. Timor-Leste’s Programme of Reform and
Economic Promotion is a strategic binding instrument of the whole Government which is intended,
on one side, to operationalize the Government Programme and the Strategic Development Plan
and, on the other, to work as an instrument of economic coordination of all Government entities
under the coordination of MECAE. It is expected that, in the next two years, this programme
creates the structuring bases for the transformation and diversification of Timorese economy, with
private sector growth and creation of more jobs. -ENDS-

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