22 December 2015

2016 General State Budget fully approved by East Timor National Parliament

ETLJB 22/12/2015 - Government of East Timor Media Release Dili, 19 December, 2015 - Last night the National Parliament of Timor-Leste concluded its scrutiny, consideration and voting on the 2016 General State Budget with a unanimous final vote of approval. This comes after a long and rigorous budgetary process that has taken place throughout the year.

Total amount of the budget including loans is US $1,562.223 billion, made up of:

Wages and salaries: $181.874 million
Goods and Services [including the Human Capital Development Fund]:$449.015 million
Public transfers: $476.030 million
Minor Capital: $18.844 million
Capital Development [including the Infrastructure Fund]: $436.470 million

The budget law now proceeds to the President of the Republic for promulgation.
Reflecting on the budget process after the plenary, the Prime Minister Dr. Rui Ara├║jo expressed his sincere appreciation for the contribution of the Parliament, particularly each parliamentary group and individual members of parliament.

He noted “The constructive engagement in the debates, including during the work of the Special Committee and through until the final vote, with all the contributions presented in a frank and clear manner, have enriched the debate and, as a result, produced a budget with high quality and relevance towards responding to the needs of our people and nation.”

He went on to say “this debate about our national budget for 2016 has highlighted the commitment of the Government and Parliament in ensuring that our nation moves forward, not in different directions and in separate parts, but as one. I, as Prime Minister and the Government as a whole, congratulate the Parliament and reiterate our total commitment to work in cooperation with the Parliament to ensure the execution of this budget meets the expectations of every institution of our country and particularly of our people.”

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