18 December 2015

East Timor National Parliament approves text proposed by “Komisaun Eventual” amending the General State Budget Law

ETLJB 18/12/2015 Government of East Timor Media Release 16 December 2015 - Yesterday the National Parliament approved the substitute text presented by the Commission for Collection and Analysis of Proposals for Consensual Amendments to the Draft Law, bringing the 2016 Budget another step closer to completion.

The Commission, constituted by National Parliament and including representatives of all four political  parties, concluded its work on the 14th of December after considering 46 amendments proposed by parliamentary members. Its Consensus Report presented yesterday included the “substitute text” proposed for insertion into the draft law of The General State Budget for 2016.

After considering the Report and the substitute text the National Parliament overwhelmingly voted to approve the text for insertion into the draft law in its Plenary session.

The total amount of the 2016 State Budget is to remain at US$1.56 Billion.

The Budget was unanimously approved in generality on the 3rd of December. Now that the Commission has completed its work and the National Parliament has approved the substitute text, members will voting on each ministry and article in the budget law. This process of scrutiny is expected to be complete by the 21st December. Then the proposed Budget Law, after a final vote of approval by the National Parliament, will go to the President for promulgation.

Spokesperson for the Government, Minister of State, Agio Periera noted "the Government appreciates the many proposals submitted by members of the National Parliament to amend the proposed 2016 General State Budget and recognises the intense work of the "Komisaun Eventual" in carefully considering these amendments. This 2016 Budget with its strengthened links between programs and expenditure, increased autonomy and built in measures for transparency and accountability, is set to the serve the nation well."ENDS

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