14 July 2016

Meeting of the East Timor Council of Ministers of 22 June 2016

ETLJB 14 July 2016 Source: Government of East Timor -  DILI, JUNE 22ND , 2016 PRESS RELEASE Meeting of the Council of Ministers of June 22nd , 2016 The Council of Ministers met this Wednesday, at the Government Palace in Dili, and approved the Draft Law for the First amendment to Law N. 1/2016, of January 14th , which approves the General State Budget for 2016.

The Draft Law allows for a rectified budget needed to give continuity to vital infrastructure projects that are moving quicker than expected. An increase in the development capital budget in 2016 through a rectified budget will prevent a budgetary burden for 2017 and avoid possible delay in the progress of large essential projects.

The Government considers that this measure will accelerate the economic benefits to the country and contribute to economic diversification. -ENDS-

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