25 August 2017

ALERT Doctors and Medical Students, Health CSO's in Timor-Leste Stop Smoking Program from Brazil seeks to assist Timor-Leste

My name is Rayanna Pereira, I'm a Brazilian medical student and I am the Coordinator of Expansion to Portuguese Speaking Countries of the NGO Education Against Tobacco http://educationtobacco.org/, which works with middle and high school students for the prevention of smoking in over 64 countries around the world.

The project was created in Brazil last year and we have translated all the NGO material to Portuguese. Since then, I've been working on expanding this material to other Portuguese speaking countries and have just got founded the first group in Portugal (http://educationtobacco.org/portugal-has-its-first-eat-team-in-nova-medical-school/).

Right now, I'm trying to get in touch with medical students or doctors in Timor Leste (East Timor), a country where over two thirds of the male population smokes, so that the project can be expanded there.

Any help will be much appreciated and feel free to share my contact information below.

Kind regards,

Rayanna Pereira

6th year medical student at Federal University of Ouro Preto
Coordinator of Expansion to Portuguese Speaking Countries - EAT Brazil

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