26 August 2017

An easy way to harass your MP over the maritime boundary between Australia and East Timor

http://www.timfo.org The latest press release from the Compulsory Conciliation on the Timor Sea border states that the process will continue until October. See here for a comment. http://timfo.org/new-blog-avenue/2017/8/9/timor-and-australia-agree-to-extend-timeframe

We invite you, indeed urge you, to alert your MP over this matter.

We have a new and easy method of sending him or her an email.

Click this link:   http://timfo.org/come-on-aussie/

Put in your postcode and you’ll find your MP’s contact immediately. AND an email (which you can change if you want).

Just click again, and off it goes.

Please send this widely on social media and through email etc.

We have not been informed yet about the presentation of the petition on the Timor Sea, which attracted 16,000+ signatures. (Many thanks for yours! )

We’ll let you know when a date is set for presentation by Tony Burke MP.

With thanks to all,

Timor Sea Justice Forum
per Susan
Sister Susan Connelly

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