01 June 2018

Court of Appeal Confirms Election Results, Fretilin's Appeal Dismissed

The East Timor Court of Appeal Tribunal de Recurso on East Timor Law and Justice Bulletin Warren Leslie Wright Lawyer
ETLJB - The East Timor Court of Appeal has validated the results of the 2018 Parliamentary election.

Judge Deolindo dos Santos, president of the Court of Appeal, read the ruling signed by the judges' panel, constituted by Judge Guilhermino da Silva and Judge Jacinta Correia da Costa, that confirmed and validated the national tabulation conducted by the National Electoral Commission.

In delivering the Court's judgement, the country's most senior judge stated that:

 "The collective of judges decides to judge valid the elections to the National Parliament held on May 12, 2018 and definitive results ascertained and are now proclaimed by the president of the Court of Appeal."

The National Parliament will be constituted by 34 deputies from AMP, 23 deputies from the Independent East Timor ​​Revolutionary Front, 5 from the Democratic Party (PD) and 3 from the Democratic Development Front (FDD), a coalition of several parties.

The provisional clearance had been the subject of an appeal by the Revolutionary Front of Independent East Timor (Fretilin) ​​party, the second most voted political force, which was dismissed as unfounded.

With the validation of the results, which will now be published in the Official Gazette, the way is open for the President of the Republic Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo summon the parties for the formation of Government.

A 65-member inauguration session may also be convened, due to take place between June 5 and 7, which will mark the start of the 5th parliamentary term.

After that, the VIII Constitutional Government, which must then have its program and organic law and, later, the General State Budget for 2018, passed by Parliament, must be sworn in.

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