06 March 2019

Military interferes with due process of law

In another shocking appearance, the leader of the military has opened his mouth when he should have kept it shut. See the media report below.

Lere has no legitimate role in any of these civil political processes. He should remain in the FDTL HQ until there is a war with another State; and make sure his soldiers understand the rule of law. He obviously does not.

His outrageous comments can not go unnoticed because what he does flies in the face of the proper conceptualisation of democracy, the civil political processes under the law and the correct role and function of the military in democracies.

Lere should not be putting himself forth as a commentator on any such matter. He is wrong to do so. His actions are deplorable and despicable. It's none of his business and he should retreat from the political arena and the public arena altogether and watch over the security forces and the integrity of the nation from external threats.


Source: Independente, March 4, 2019 Lere urges resolution of Kalbuadi Lay case

National Parliament should have waited until the High Court had resolved the corruption case against Francisco Kalbuadi Lay before appointing him as a member of parliament, Major General Lere Anan Timur has said.

Speaking from the office of the President of the Republic, Timur said the actions of politicians using their positions to gain legal immunity denigrated the State and went against the independence many Timorese had struggled for.

“We first heard that the police would arrest Francisco Kalbuadi Lay. This did not happen and then he returned to parliament. There must be a solution, if not a solution, ask me so that I give a solution,” Timur said on Friday.

“We know that nowadays there are many people who are looking for opportunity. We can say they are opportunists because these people use their intelligence and look for legal loopholes for self-gain.” Timur’s comments came as the President of National Parliament, Arao Noe, sought to downplay the impact of Lay’s appointment as a member of parliament on Monday.

During a meeting with the President of the Republic Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo on Friday, Noe said National Parliament would “only” discuss revoking Lay’s immunity if it received another summons from the High Court for Lay to appear.

“Kalbuadi Lay does not hide in his immunity in National Parliament, all process will run smoothly, we are still waiting for a new notification letter from the court,” Noe said.

Lawyer Manuel Tilman agreed Lay’s case was a legal matter from the court but said the fact remained that the court had not issued an arrest warrant and the case remained at investigation stage.

Speaking in parliament after his appointment last Monday, Lay confirmed he had received three High Court summons but had not attended the hearings because he was receiving medical treatment in Singapore. He said his presence in parliament was not to gain legal immunity, and that he was ready to declare his case in court.

Addressing the investigation Lay said: “I will be examined by the Public Prosecutor whenever it is necessary … whether (I have been) wrong or right will be determined in court.” Lay’s investigation relates to allegations of corruptions while he was serving as Minister of Tourism, Art, and Culture in the former government.

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