01 October 2019

Incurable and fatal: African Swine Fever rages in East Timor as hundreds of pigs reported dead

Image of pig in East Timor. Hundreds of pigs die in East Timor from African Swine Fever East Timor Law and Justice Bulletin Warren L. Wright Lawyer Jurist Anthropologist Sociologist
Hundreds of pigs die in East Timor from African Swine Fever
Presidency of the East Timor Council of Ministers Press Office of the Spokesperson

Extraordinary Meeting of the Council of Ministers of 27 September 2019

The Acting Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Fidelis Leite Magalhães, gave a presentation to the Council of Ministers on the disease that has caused the deaths of hundreds of pigs in the country.

Samples were taken from these animals and sent for laboratory analysis in Australia confirming that these animals suffer from African swine fever.

This disease is highly contagious among animals, not producing effects on humans and has affected several Asian countries.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, in collaboration with the Government of Australia, has taken all necessary measures to limit the effects of this outbreak, for which there is still no remedy, cure or vaccine.

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