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30 October 2010

Government to evict residents from illegal occupation

Diario Nacional, October 11, 2010 language source: Tetun - Justice Minister Lucia Lobato said the Government would evict the residents of Aitarak-Laran and residents who were staying in the ex-Indonesian Brimob’s Barrack.

Minister Lobato said the Government would never give compensation to the residents based on their own will, as the money did not belong to the Ministry.

Minister Lobato made the statement after some residents said they were intent on continue staying in those properties and have received compensation from the Government.

“They are hell-bent on stay there although they have received compensation from the Government. They have time to go out, but if there is no solution then the law guarantees their forcible eviction,” Minister Lobato said. President Ramos Horta has called on the Government to hold dialog with the residents in order to seek the best solution to resolve the problem.

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