30 October 2010

REDE BA RAI PRESS STATEMENT: More evictions to come / Eviksaun barak bele akontese ba oin

 53 families stand with unity and dignity against Lucia’s plan to evict them from their homes but  according to civil society many more evictions may occur in the future - Dili, 21 September 2010

Monday morning: The community of Aitarak Laran, who have been fighting for over a month to defend their right to housing, stood together and shouted ‘Viva Aitarak Laran’. Over 100 people walked together to the office of the Director of Land and Property (DNTPSC) to give their requests and statements to the Director.

They asked only that the Minister for Justice Lucia Lobato and the Director of Land and Property Jaime Lopes create an open and fair process of dialogue. According to one community member, ‘We ask only that the Minister treats us with dignity as human beings… we are not animals’.

The Community spokesperson, Sabiano, asked the Minister of Justice to follow the rules laid out in the RDTL Constitution and the International Conventions which Timor-Leste has already ratified. He explained that to create a dialogue that is just and fulfills the requirements laid out in the law;

·      The Minister must create a dialogue with the community which looks at all of the possible options for protecting the communities right to housing

·      The Minister must identify, with the Community, a dialogue process that is just

·      The Minister must give legal assistance and representation to the community

·      The competent Ministers and authorities must make public and give to the community all of the documents pertaining to the project before the dialogue begins

When the Director Sr. Jaime Lopes said that the Minister was too busy to enter into dialogue with the community a civil society representative asked, ‘The people have chosen the Minister, why is she scared to come and meet them?’

Director, Jaime Lopes stated that these evictions were supported by Law 1/2003. However the community representatives questioned this saying that Law 1/2003 is subject to the Constitution and International Law, and that according to these laws an eviction can never violate a persons right to adequate housing. The Community of Aitarak Laran gave Sr. Jaime a copy of the International Laws so that he could read them carefully and learn more about the people’s right to adequate housing (Art 58 RDTL, Art 11.1 CESCR)

Jenito Santana, a member of Rede ba Rai from NGO KSI commented that ‘this problem will become much more serious in the future’. According to the Land Law which is currently before Parliament all people who have occupied land after 31 December 1999 will not get the right to that land if there is another owner, ‘this way the state can win a significant amount of land’.

Sr. Ameu from LAIFET said that he hopes these evictions will not take place because he believes that;

‘Our big brothers [in DNTP] love the people of Aitarak Laran, and all of the people of Timor who fought for Independence at their sides, and so I believe they will reconsider their position’,

Now the community waits for a response from the Minister of Justice. Will she continue to support an eviction which is illegal according to the RDTL Constitution or will she sit with the community to search for a dialogue process that is just and fair?

The Timor-Leste land network is a group of 20 organisations working to protect land rights in Timor-Leste. Our vision is a nation where all people have land rights and access to land that is just and sustainable. Since 2001 we have been monitoring, researching and advocating on land issues. To find out more about Rede ba Rai or other land issues please contact Sra. Meabh Cryan at +670 730 7800 or meabhcryan@gmail.com.

- tetun -

Uma Kain 53 hamriik ho dignidade no unidade kontra Lucia nia planu atu duni-sai sira, maibe tuir sosiedade sivil kazu penggusuran bele akontese barak ba oin - Dili, 21 Setembru 2010

Segunda dader, Komunidade Aitarak Laran, ne’ebe luta fulan ida ona atu defende sira nia direitu ba uma hamriik hamutuk no hakilar ‘Viva Aitarak Laran’. Ema 100 resin  la’o hamutuk ba kantor Terras e Propriedade (DNTPSC) atu hato’o ba Diretor Nasional Terras e Propriedade kona sira nia ejijensia.

Sira husu deit ba Ministra Justisa Sra. Lucia Lobato no Diretor Nasional Terras e Propriedade Jaime Lopes atu kria prosesu dialogu aberta ne’ebe justu. ‘Ami husu deit katak Ministra trata ami ho dignidade hanesan umanus… ami la’os animal’ – membru komunidade.

Komunidade sira nia portavos Sabiano husu Ministra atu tuir Konstitusaun RDTL no Konvensaun Internasional ne’ebe Timor-Leste ratifika tiha ona. Nia esplika tan  katak atu kria duni dialogu ne’ebe justu no tuir lei;

·      Ministra tenki halo dialogu ne’ebe hare’e ba opsaun alternative hotu ne’ebe bele garante komunidade sira nia direitu ba uma

·      Komunidade no Ministeiro tenki identifika hamutuk prosesu dialogu ne’ebe justu

·      Ministra tenki fó asistensia legal ruma atu ajuda no representa komunidade

·      Ministeiro kompetenti tenki fo sai dokumentus hotu ne’ebe pertensia ba projetu antes dialogu sei komesa

Bainhira Diretor Jaime Lopes hato’o katak Ministra la bele loke dialogu ho komunidade tamba nia preukupa liu representatne husi Forum ONG Timor-Leste (FONGTIL) husu, ‘povu mak hili Ministra, tamba saida nia tauk atu hasoru povu?’

Diretor, Jaime Lopes hato’o katak nia bazeia prosesu eviksaun (penggusuran) ba Lei 1/2003. Maibe representante komunidade sira kestiona ida ne’e. Sira hatete katak Lei oan (1/2003) tuir loloos tenki tuir Konstitusaun RDTL no Lei Internasiaonl ne’ebe Timor-Leste ratifika ona. Tuir regras hirak ne’e prosesu eviksaun (pengusuran) nunka bele viola ema sira nia direitu ba uma adekuadu. Komunidade entrega kopia lei internasional sira ne’e ba Jaime katak nia bele le’e didiak no aprende kona-ba povu sira nia direitu ba uma adekuadu (Art 58 RDTL, Art 11.1 CESCR)

Jenito Santana husi organizasaun KSI no nu’udar membru Rede ba Rai hato’o katak ‘ba oin problema ne’e sei sai polemika liu tan’. Tuir Lei de Terras ne’ebe Parliamentu agora konsidera ema hotu hotu ne’ebe mai hela rai desde 31 Desembru 1998 sei la hetan direitu ba rai se iha nain ida seluk. ‘Liu husi kazu sira ne’e estadu bele manan rai boot’.

Sr. Ameu husi organizasaun LAIFET hato’o katak nia fiar katak eviksaun ne’e sei la akontese tamba

‘Maun boot hirak ne’e [husi DNTPSC] hadomi duni povu Aitarak Laran entaun hau fiar sira sei konsidera fali sira nia pozisaun’

Agora dadaun komunidade hein deit resposta husi Ministra Justisa Lucia Lobato.  Nia sei supporta nafatin eviksaun (penggusuran) ne’ebe illegal tuir Konstitusaun RDTL ka nia sei tuur ho sira atu buka prosesu dialogu ne’ebe justu?

Rede ba Rai mak grupu organizasaun local, nasional no internasional ne’ebe servisu atu proteje direitu ba rai iha Timor-Leste. Ita nian vizaun mak povu Timor-Leste ne’ebe moris nafatin ho direitu no asesu ba rai ne’ebe justu no sustantivel. Husi tinan 2001 ita halo monitorizasaun, peskiza no advokasia kona-ba asuntu rai. Atu hetan informasaun liu kona-ba Rede ba Rai ka asuntu rai seluk favor ida kontaktu Sra. Meabh Cryan liu husi telemovel +670 7307800 ka email meabhcryan@gmail.com.
Land Issues Mentor
Rede ba Rai Timor-Leste (The Timor-Leste Land Network)
Fundasaun Haburas,
Rua Celestino da Silva,

+670 730 7800
+353 85 1461435

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