16 October 2010

Local residents calls for legal charges against military police officer

Timor Post, October 14, 2010 language source: Tetun - Local residents of Quintal Boot, a suburb of the Capital Dili has called on the Timorese Defence (F-FDTL) Commando to legally process F-FDTL military police officer who is suspected of being engaged in assaulting resident Rogerio da Silva recently.

During a press conference, spokesperson for the victim, Luis Gaspar da Costa strongly condemned such an attitude of the military police officer.

Da Costa also urged the judicial institutions and the Parliament to seek a solution for the processing of the charges against the F-FDTL officers, because such actions are acts of crime.

In response, the Military Police Commander, Abel “Niki” said the case was in the process of investigation; therefore he could not say whether his officer was guilty or not.

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