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30 December 2010

Public Holidays in Timor-Leste 2011

TLGov: public holidays with fixed and variable date for 2011 Secretariat of State of the Council of Ministers Díli, Goverment Palace  27th  of December of 2010


The public holidays with a fixed date and variable date for 2011, determined by the Law n.o 10/2005 of 10th  of August, are the following:

a) 1st of January – New Year’s Day (fixed date public holiday);

b) 22nd of April – Holly Friday (variable date public holiday);

c) 1 st of May –World Labour Day (fixed date public holiday);

d) 20th of May – Restoration of Independence Day (fixed date public holiday);

e) 23rd of June – Corpus Christi (variable date public holiday);

f) 30th of August –Popular Consultation Day (fixed date public holiday);

g) 31st of August – Idul Fitri (variable date public holiday);

h) 1st of November – All Saints Day (fixed date public holiday);

i) 2nd of November – All Souls Day (fixed date public holiday);

j) 7th of November – Idul Adha (variable date public holiday);

k) 12th of November – Youth National Day (fixed date public holiday);

l) 28th of November – Proclamation of Independence Day (fixed date public holiday);

m) 7th of December – National Heroes Day (fixed date public holiday);

n) 8th of December – Day of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception and Timor-Leste Patroness (fixed date public holiday);

o) 25th of December – Christmas Day (fixed date public holiday).

The Law n. o 10/2005, of 10 th of August, determines national public holidays and the official commemorative dates.

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