30 December 2010

Timor-Leste at United Nations on restoring reference to sexual orientation to a resolution on extrajudicial executions

From UN General Assembly debate on restoring reference to sexual orientation to a human rights resolution. "The amendment, to be added into operative paragraph (6b), sought to acknowledge that all persons had the right to be free from extrajudicial killings, especially those targeted because of their sexual orientation."

Timor-Leste's delegate reaffirmed her commitment to respecting human rights without distinction.  Reiterating her country's 2008 position, condemning all forms of violence and harassment that undermined the inherent dignity of all people, she said such harassment for reasons of sexual orientation subverted that dignity.  To ensure all people were given full protection, she recognized the importance of operative paragraph (6b).  "LGBT" people should be included in the list.  She was disappointed that the language related to killings on the grounds of sexual orientation had been excluded from the text in the Third Committee, especially as such targeting had been documented by the Special Rapporteur.  She commended the Secretary-General for his commitment on that important issue and she would support the amendment introduced by the United States and requested all others to do so as well.

ETLJB Editor Note: Unfortunately, during the drafting of the Constitution of the Democratic Republic of East Timor, the reference in anti-discrimination provisions to sexual orientation was removed following pressure from the Catholic Church and homophobic politicians leaving East Timorese homosexuals vulnerable to discrimination, vilification and violence.  See further:

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