17 October 2013

District Commander of East Timor police commander accused of assaulting officers

ETLJB 17 October 2013 - A district commander of the East Timor police force has been accused of physically assaulting police officers under his command.

The case, involving the Lautem District Commander has been referred to the internal disciplinary processes of the police force. Suara Timor Lorosae reported on 16 October 2013, a statement by the Deputy Commander of the police force on Monday last at the Police Academy in Comoro, Afonso de Jesus, that there was evidence that indicated that the district commander had maltreated his officers and that police command would consider imposing sanctions on the district commander.

Afonso de Jesus considered that the case raised criminal issues and the police command would seek to establish the truth through investigations. Source: Suara Timor Lorosae 16/10/2013 via TLMDC Edited by Warren L. Wright

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