17 October 2013

Most foreigners violating visa conditions in Timor-Leste are Indonesians

ETLJB 17 October 2013 - According to a report in the daily media outlet, Independente on 11 October 2013, there are numerous Indonesians who violate East Timorese law by not complying with visa conditions.

The Timorese National Police (PNTL) Immigration Service has arrested more than 2,000 foreign nationals so far this year because they misuse their social visit visa. Most of them are Indonesian citizens according to the East Timor National Police Immigration Service Commander, Jose da Costa.

Earlier, Radio TImor Leste had reported that the Deputy Commander of the Immigration Police, Luis Bareto, had said that the immigration Police would hold operations in districts to search for foreign nationals who have violated their visa conditions. Bareto was also reported to have said that foreign nationals who breached the immigration law would be sanctioned with a penalty of between US$200 to US$2000. He added that companies who employ foreign nationals who only hold a social visit visa would also be sanctioned.

But the government of East Timor has decided to let the foreigners return to their country voluntarily.

”We have no budget to deport foreigners. Therefore, we ask them to leave the country voluntarily or we summon the company that is responsible for these people to prepare their documents and send them back to their country,” Commander da Costa is reported to have said in Fatuhada in Dili on 10 October 2013.  Sources: Independente 11 October 2013; Radio Timor-Leste October 4, 2013 via TLMDC Edited by Warren L. Wright

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