21 October 2013

Three AK-33's and 20 pistols still missing since 2006 crisis

Rebel Major Alfredo Reinado shot dead during the 2006 crisis. Photo: Kompas
ETLJB21 October 2013 - Some of the weapons that went missing during the 2006 political crisis in East Timor have still not been recovered some 7 years later. The Timorese National Police (PNTL) Commands has appealed to the National Parliament members to contribute to recovering the weapons.

According to the data and information, rebel groups commanded by Alfredo Alves Reinado who was shot dead in the grounds of the then President's residence during the crisis, snatched three AK-33 weapons from PNTL Border Unit (UPF) at the border area in 2006. Subsequently,  the weapons were taken to the town of Likisa.

PNTL Deputy Commander, Afonso de Jesus was reported by Independente on 9 October as saying that “the weapons were snatched from UPF members and then those weapons were taken to Likisa; therefore, I am calling on MPs who were living in Likisa at that time to contribute to PNTL to recall those weapons.”

Commander Afonso the Jesus said that there were 23 weapons composed of three AK-33 weapons and 20 pistols that still missing and had not yet been recovered. Source: Independente 9 October 2013 Edited by Warren L. Wright

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