21 October 2013

Man accused of murdering his girlfriend by strangulation with cord of hair straightener

ETLJB 21 October 2013  -  The Dili Weekly reported on 18 October 2013, that the East TImor Criminal Investigation Service police stopped the investigation process into a murder as the suspect AJ is in a serious condition in hospital.

The man is a suspect in the murder of ST, his girlfriend,who was found dead with her hands boundafter being strangled by the cord of a hair straightener.

The incident itself happened on September 4 at about 5am in Bairo Pite in Dili.

The suspect himself was in serious condition and received treatment at the National Hospital Guido Valadares (HNGV), so the investigation process was put on hold.

The Criminal Investigation Service (SIK) Acting Chief Manuel Alves said the investigation could start again once the suspect recovered.

“Now we see that his condition is a little bit serious so we will continue the investigation process after this,” said Chief Inspector Alves in Kaikoli, Dili.

The victim was found dead with her hands and neck tied, with $30 in her hands and $50 in her pocket. She was a third grade student at a secondary school in Dili.

At the time, the victim was studying to prepare for national exams and the phone rang and her mother, who was baking a cake, heard her receive the call.

When the victim’s mother tried toopen the door it was locked, and later the victim was found dead on the ground about 25 meters away.

 Source: The Dili Weekly 18/10/2013 Written by Venidora Oliveira Edited by ETLJB.

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