22 May 2014

Belun's Early Warning Early Response Program: Monitoring Results: Parliamentary Resolution No. 5/2014 on Illegal Groups

ETLJB 22 May 2014 - On 3 March 2014, Parliamentary Resolution No. 5/2014 was released, outlawing a number of groups based on their contravention of several articles in the National Constitution, Penal Code and Decree Law No. 7/2004.

This response follows the increasingly visible mobilisation of Sr. Mauk Moruk's Concelho da Revolução do Povo Maubere (CRM), and the group's criticisms of the Timor Leste Government. Since the passing of the resolution, PNTL have conducted several operations, raiding the cantonment of CRM in Laga, Baucau as well as offices of CPD-RDTL across the country.

This report contains monitoring of Government action taken against 'illegal' groups since 2013, as well as recent updates over the past week.
For further information, click on the link to see the reports in Tetun and English. http://belun.us2.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=28f7ca838aa874deb73e18b95&id=63e6d6da15&e=6d40bd351a

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