21 May 2014

East Timor Council of Ministers extends joint police and military operations against illegal groups

ETLJB - Mon. 05 of May of 2014, 17:50h Following the Government Resolution no. 8/2014 of March 31, in which the government supported the joint operational commitment of the Security Forces (PNTL) and the Defence Forces (F-FDTL) in order to restore public stability in Laga, Quelicai Baguia and Wato-Lari, it appears that illegal groups that have caused instability in the country and threatened national security have come to move to regions other than those mentioned in this Resolution.

At an extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers on Friday May 2nd, the Government decided to extend the operation of the Forces throughout the national territory, until May 17, 2014, to ensure the effectiveness of the joint operation, therefore Forces can act wherever illegal groups are.

With this measure, the Government intends to ensure the promotion and enjoyment of rights and fundamental freedoms of all citizens as well as public order and social discipline. Source: Government of East Timor Press Release 05/05/2014

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