21 May 2014

Twelfth Anniversary of the Restoration of Independence of Timor-Leste 20 May 2014

ETLJB -  20 May 2014 marks the 12th anniversary of the restoration of the independence of East Timor which had been declared on 28 November 1975.

ETLJB congratulates the East Timorese State and its people on the occasion of the restoration of independence that was so brutally quashed by the illegal invasion of the homeland by Indonesia on 7 December 1975; done with the complicity and support of the Western powers who should have supported the democratic ideals of liberty and truth.

On 20 May 2002, the United Nations officially transferred sovereignty to the East Timorese State. but it had taken 24 years of a bloody and devastating struggle for justice and self-determination for the East Timorese people to free themselves from the tyranny of the second foreign hegemony during which many thousands of East Timorese lost their lives and which ended in the destruction of the nation in 1999.

Viva Timor-Leste!

Viva Povo Timor-Leste!

Warren L. Wright BA LLB
Publisher, ETLJB

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