29 October 2018

Clash in Balide leaves a young man seriously injured

GMN Diário Nacional, October 24, 2018 Language source: Tetun Clash between young people in Balide, Dili Tuesday has left a young man named Jacinto Dos Santos seriously injured.

The victim is currently getting medical treatment at National Hospital of Guido Valadares.

A community said on Monday two groups of young people had stoned each other and police had detained one of the suspects, but on Tuesday they continued stoning each other.

“The victim rode a motorbike and he came from Santa Cruz area, when he reached the front of Balide Church, a group of young men attacked him with stones and when he fell down, they continued stoning beating him up with hammer,” a bystander who did not want to be named told reporters Tuesday.

He added the incident happened in front of police station, but the police did not come out to help the victim.

In addition, the victim’s family lamented because the incident happened in front of police station, but the late response from the police had left the young man seriously injured. GMN tried to confirm the issue with Balide Police Station, but they refused to comment, saying the case was under investigation.

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