29 October 2018

Parliament cancels President Lu-Olo’s visit to Indonesia

Independente, October 24, 2018 Language source: Tetun

National Parliament (PN) through a plenary session Tuesday has canceled President of the Republic Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo’s plan to participate in Bali Democracy Forum in Bali of Indonesia.

President Lu-Olo was invited by Indonesian President Joko Widodo to participate in Bali Democracy Forum, but PN did not authorise it because 31 PN members have voted against the plan and only 19 members voted in favour. With this cancellation, parliament has canceled Lu-Olo’s overseas visits for the third time. In September and July, PN canceled Lu-Olo’s visits to Portugal and New York.

Addressing parliament after the cancelation, David Dos Ximenes, from Fretilin party, said sensibility of PN members from Alliance of Change for Progress (AMP) had died because they had cancelled the President’s overseas visits several times.

“Last month, you (AMP members, red) canceled President’s visit to New York because President had not yet promulgated 2018 State Budget, but now? President has promulgated the state budget, why did you cancel his overseas visit?” he said.

Meanwhile, Patrocino Fernandes, from CNRT Party – one of the AMP Coalition party, said they did not authorise President Lu-Olo’s visit to overseas because there was domestic issues that needed to be addressed by President of the Republic. “We did not authorise President’s overseas visit because of political reasons.

There are nine nominations of government members have not yet inaugurated,” Fernandes said.

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