11 February 2020

ETLJB blog exceeds 2 million page views

Image shows graphs recording page views of East Timor Law and Justice Bulletin as at 11 February 2020
ETLJB exceeds 2 million page views
Dear ETLJB Readers

In my previous post, I explained that the associated Facebook page for this site has been deleted and that a new focus would be on this blog.

As I noted there, I have not paid attention to this blog for far too long.

When checking the statistics today, I noted that the blog had exceeded 2 million page views.

And so it is timely to refocus on this blog and I look forward to my future work here.

I hope that my work, though often provocative and sometimes offensive to conventional thought, keeps attention on the legal issues in East Timor and inspires other perspectives on the many social problems facing the nation.

Click the image for a legible view.

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